October 6, 2021

SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline: Impact on Satellite Cybersecurity
In the last year, there have been two major cyber incidents that grabbed the world’s attention – SolarWinds and the Colonial Pipeline. The impact of SolarWinds on the satellite sector is an active point of discussion. The Colonial pipeline hack, while not directly related to satellite, once again showcased the damage a major cyberattack can do. How has the current threat environment changed in light of these recent incidents? Join us for a thought-provoking opening panel where we look at the lasting impact of these events on the cyber community.

Moderator: Crystal Lister, President, Cyberthreat Intelligence, Omniangle Technologies
Speakers: Nathan Bunting, Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, Risk Mitigation Consulting, Inc.
Chris Simkins, CEO and Co-Founder, Corsha
Brian Retherford, Founding Partner, Touchstone Futures
Bryan Ware, CEO and Founder, Nex5

Full Agenda